Here’s what to expect from your professional window cleaners

Keeping your windows clean can drastically improve the quality of natural light that gets into your home. It also keeps your home looking nice, which is particularly important if you are having guests over or hoping to sell. When you hire our professionals to clean your exterior windows, here is what you can expect.

Our professional window cleaners are ready to care for your home

We start with a preliminary consultation

Before professional exterior window cleaning technicians arrive at your home, they want to know what to expect. They need to understand how big a job they’re committing to so that they can plan their schedule accordingly. A preliminary meeting helps them honor the timeline and price that they quote you.

Call us for professional window cleaning here in Scottsdale and North Phoenix.

Call us for professional window cleaning here in Scottsdale and North Phoenix.

Planning visit

There’s a difference between talking about a job and seeing what your home needs up close. starts each job with a visit to the home in question. This visit gives the team a clear idea of the tools they will need to do the job.

Another reason for the preliminary visit to your home is to see what safety precautions the cleaning professionals need to take. From ladder height to the number of people needed on the job, important details are brought to light in the pre-cleaning visit.

Window cleaning

Professional exterior window cleaning is more than just spraying on a solution and wiping it away. The screens are removed with special tools to give access to the window without damaging the screens.

It also doesn’t do any good to clean the windows if the frames around them are filthy. Technicians start by wiping down the window frames, making sure there is no debris stuck on them.

When it comes to cleaning the windows themselves, professional cleaners use a special solution that is designed to clean without leaving streaks. Then they make sure all the solution is removed by using a squeegee. After the majority of the solution is removed, they can use a rag to clean off the edges that the squeegee doesn’t reach.

Screen cleaning

Your exterior windows are not done until the screens are cleaned and reattached. A professional cleaning service does more than just brush off the dirt. A special cleaning solution removes grime gently so that your screens look like new when they go back on your house.

Final inspection

Professional window cleaners are trained to notice problems that need to be fixed. Any issues with your windows, such as scratches or chips, should be brought to your attention. They may also look for water damage or caulk that needs to be replaced.

Once all the windows, screens, and frames are cleaned, technicians conduct a final check on the house. They inspect each window to look for residual drips or any spots they missed.

Follow-up Call

Even with an inspection, something could get missed. A good cleaning company will call within a few days of finishing the job to make sure that you are satisfied with the service.

Hiring professional exterior window cleaning services can save you a lot of time, and it may even save you money. They provide all the equipment and expertise, and you get beautiful windows that let natural light through.

If you need window cleaning here in Scottsdale and North Phoenix, our team would love to help. Give us a call or contact us today for service.