Here’s how you can lift a red wine stain out of your carpet

Whether you’re relaxing with a glass of wine late in the evening or enjoying a weekend gathering with all your friends, a red wine stain can be a frustrating experience. In this article, we’ll review some of the best ways you can lift a red wine stain out of carpet. Of course, for the most stubborn of stains, you should call us for professional carpet cleaning.

Find out how to clean most stains with stain remover or a homemade baking soda paste. If these simple tricks don’t work, discover how a professional cleaning service can take the stress out of carpet cleaning.

Lift a red wine stain out of your carpet

Dab up any spilled wine

The most important step is to make sure a spill doesn’t ruin your gathering or evening. All you need to do is to gently dab the stain and sprinkle some salt on your carpet. This will allow you to carry on with your evening and fight that stain later.

If you have a spill during your dinner party, you need to take steps to immediately lift a red wine stain out of your rug or carpet. Then, call us for professional carpet cleaning in Scottsdale.

If you have a spill during your dinner party, you need to take steps to immediately lift a red wine stain out of your rug or carpet. Then, call us for professional carpet cleaning in Scottsdale.

While salt isn’t necessary, it’s helpful for soaking up any remaining liquid. Salt is easy to vacuum out of your carpet and can prevent a large amount of red wine from soaking into your carpet.

This allows you to enjoy your evening without worrying about any spilled wine. You shouldn’t leave a stain for an entire day, but once dabbed a wine stain can rest for a few hours before you’re able to clean it effectively.

Create a paste or use a stain remover

Create a paste or reach for your favorite stain-fighting cleaner. The key to treating wine carpet stain spots is to use hot water, blotting and a serious stain remover.

If you don’t have any stain remover at your home, simply make a paste out of baking soda and water. Baking soda can help soak up some of the tannins and remove the dark stain from your carpet. Use three parts of baking soda to one part of water.

Use water and cleaner to clean your carpet

Pour some cool water onto your stain. A small amount of water can help dilute the stain and make it easier to clean up. Too much water may cause the stain to spread and make it difficult to blot up.

Apply the paste to your dampened carpet and allow it to dry. If you’re using a professional stain removal product, follow its directions for best use. Once dried, simply vacuum up the paste.

Always check this technique on a portion of carpet that isn’t usually visible. Even a baking soda paste can damage carpet or create a spot that’s brighter than the surrounding carpet. Work with ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning for more information on helpful tips and tricks.

Work with a professional cleaner for tough stains

If you aren’t able to clean the wine stain on your own, contact a professional cleaning service. Professional carpet cleaning professionals use innovative equipment and cleaning techniques to remove tough stains without damaging carpet.

Have our team tackle your red wine stain

Schedule service today with ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning for our rug cleaning and carpet cleaning service in Scottsdale, AZ. Discover for yourself why we’re a leader in efficient, affordable cleaning for wine stains and other carpet stains.

What are the best ways to lift deep carpet stains?

Carpet is one of the most popular and versatile types of flooring used in homes today. It is comfortable, attractive, and fashionable. It is also relatively quick and easy to clean if you’re just dealing with minor dirt and debris. However, as every homeowner knows, liquid spills and deep carpet stains can be more challenging to get out.

If you have pets, children or host dinner parties, you’ve probably experienced one or more deep carpet stains. Regular vacuuming won’t lift them out, but there are different methods you can use to get rid of them. Here are some DIY methods for cleaning stains that won’t come out with a simple vacuum or scrub.

Many deep carpet stains are caused by wine spills.

Many deep carpet stains are caused by wine spills. If you have a carpet stain that won’t lift out, call us for a free quote.

Of course, there’s no substitute for professional carpet cleaning. If you have a deep carpet stain that just refuses to come out—even with the methods outlined in this article—contact our team to request a free quote.

Lifting deep carpet stains: coffee and wine spills

How can you clean coffee stains?

Coffee has stubborn, dark brown pigment that is extremely difficult to remove from carpet fibers. Don’t waste your time trying to pull the stain up by scrubbing it with water. Instead, use a paper towel or dry cloth to blot up as much of the pigment as you can.

Next, create a gentle soapy solution using two cups of warm water with one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of mild liquid dish soap. Dip a clean cloth into the soapy solution and use it to blot the stain.

After blotting the stain with soap for a few seconds, use a dry cloth to soak up the solution. Keep repeating these steps until the stain lifts from the carpet. If you’re finding that the stain won’t lift out, that’s when you’ll want to call our team.

What can you do to get rid of wine stains?

Wine stains can be notoriously tricky to get out, but you increase your odds of succeeding if you don’t allow the stain to dry. Use the following DIY cleaning method immediately after a wine spill:

First, use a clean cloth to blot the stain. Microfiber works well because it has a great capacity to soak up the liquid. Never scrub the stain, since doing so can force the pigment deeper into the carpet fiber.

Next, quickly create a cleaning solution. You can use any of the following three solutions, depending on what you have on-hand:

  • For the first solution, combine one teaspoon of white vinegar with one teaspoon of neutral detergent in one quart of cold water.
  • For the second solution, add ¼ teaspoon of mild, non-bleach detergent to one liter of cold water.
  • For the third solution, add ¼ cup of baking soda to two cups of cold water.

All three of these solutions are safe for all carpet types, so use whichever you prefer. Once you’ve created your solution, soak a clean cloth with it, then lay it directly on top of the stain. Allow it to sit there for a few seconds.

Use the bottom, rounded side of a spoon to press down on the cloth gently. Work from the outside of the stain towards the center. Lift the cloth and rinse it in cold water before returning it to the cleaning solution and laying it on the stain again. Repeat the process until no more pigment shows on your cloth.

What can you do if DIY methods won’t work?

Sometimes DIY cleaning methods are insufficient to get stubborn stains out of the carpet. If this happens to you, don’t be discouraged. Professional carpet cleaners have access to state-of-the-art tools and products that are highly effective at restoring natural carpet color. If you’re tired of discolored carpet, contact ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning to find out what our team can do for your stubborn carpet stains.

Here are the best ways to care for carpet pet stains

It’s a moment of horrific realization for any pet owner. Typically, you smell it before you see it: your dog or cat has relieved themselves somewhere they weren’t supposed to. If your home has carpets, pet waste can cause a number of problems, ranging from lingering odors to changes in texture and color. While immediate cleanup is always a good idea, many carpet pet stains cannot be lifted out fully by store bought cleaning agents. You need professional cleaning.

In this article, we’ll review what you need to do in the immediate aftermath of a pet accident, as well as the signs you should bring in the carpet cleaning professionals at ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning for a deeper clean.

Dealing with the aftermath

After effectively scolding your dog (or ineffectively scolding your cat) for relieving themselves on the carpet, you’ll need to start the cleanup process right away.

Put on some gloves and use disposable paper towels to pick up any solid or semi-solid materials, including feces or vomit. For liquids, use paper towels to gently “blot” and absorb the liquid. As part of this, take extra care not to press the urine deeper into the carpet or spread it to unaffected areas. Instead, you want to use the blot method until all the surface liquid is collected into the towel, which can then be disposed of safely.

Our cats and dogs can cause serious carpet pet stains in our homes.

Even the best pets have accidents from time-to-time. Work with a professional to ensure that your carpet pet stains are thoroughly removed.

Your next step depends on how long the accident has been around. If it’s been less than 24 hours, just use warm water to saturate the area. Most pet urine will lift out through this method. Once you’ve added hot water, blot it dry once again. You can also use a waterproof shop vacuum to do this faster.

If the stain is more than a day old (a common scenario when a homeowner is away at work or on vacation), or you’re dealing with something other than urine (such as feces or vomit), use a solution of one-part white vinegar to two-parts warm water and treat the carpet in the same away as above.

After blotting for the second time, you need to absorb the rest of the liquid from the carpet. Firmly press a towel or paper towel into the carpet to bring out the remaining water and urine.

Call in the professionals for tough carpet pet stains

The toughest of carpet pet stains require professional cleaning. At ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning, our team has the tools, treatment, and experience needed to lift even the worst stains from your carpets. Our 12-step deep cleaning process includes an extract-and-rinse process that thoroughly sanitizes and deodorizes the affected area, ensuring that your pet’s mistake is put in the past.

Here’s something else to consider: our work goes far beyond just carpets and floors. If your dog or cat’s accident occurred on your furniture or mattress—some unfortunate cat owners might know what we’re talking about—you’ll need to call in a pet stain and odor professional to deep-clean the upholstery and lift out any residual liquid or odor. Our team utilizes a powerful enzyme treatment to neutralize the odors, and our professional-grade cleaning equipment allows us to restore your furniture to like-new.

For professional pet stain and odor removal services here in Scottsdale, North Phoenix, and the North Valley, call us here at ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning.