Here are the best ways to care for carpet pet stains

It’s a moment of horrific realization for any pet owner. Typically, you smell it before you see it: your dog or cat has relieved themselves somewhere they weren’t supposed to. If your home has carpets, pet waste can cause a number of problems, ranging from lingering odors to changes in texture and color. While immediate cleanup is always a good idea, many carpet pet stains cannot be lifted out fully by store bought cleaning agents. You need professional cleaning.

In this article, we’ll review what you need to do in the immediate aftermath of a pet accident, as well as the signs you should bring in the carpet cleaning professionals at ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning for a deeper clean.

Dealing with the aftermath

After effectively scolding your dog (or ineffectively scolding your cat) for relieving themselves on the carpet, you’ll need to start the cleanup process right away.

Put on some gloves and use disposable paper towels to pick up any solid or semi-solid materials, including feces or vomit. For liquids, use paper towels to gently “blot” and absorb the liquid. As part of this, take extra care not to press the urine deeper into the carpet or spread it to unaffected areas. Instead, you want to use the blot method until all the surface liquid is collected into the towel, which can then be disposed of safely.

Our cats and dogs can cause serious carpet pet stains in our homes.

Even the best pets have accidents from time-to-time. Work with a professional to ensure that your carpet pet stains are thoroughly removed.

Your next step depends on how long the accident has been around. If it’s been less than 24 hours, just use warm water to saturate the area. Most pet urine will lift out through this method. Once you’ve added hot water, blot it dry once again. You can also use a waterproof shop vacuum to do this faster.

If the stain is more than a day old (a common scenario when a homeowner is away at work or on vacation), or you’re dealing with something other than urine (such as feces or vomit), use a solution of one-part white vinegar to two-parts warm water and treat the carpet in the same away as above.

After blotting for the second time, you need to absorb the rest of the liquid from the carpet. Firmly press a towel or paper towel into the carpet to bring out the remaining water and urine.

Call in the professionals for tough carpet pet stains

The toughest of carpet pet stains require professional cleaning. At ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning, our team has the tools, treatment, and experience needed to lift even the worst stains from your carpets. Our 12-step deep cleaning process includes an extract-and-rinse process that thoroughly sanitizes and deodorizes the affected area, ensuring that your pet’s mistake is put in the past.

Here’s something else to consider: our work goes far beyond just carpets and floors. If your dog or cat’s accident occurred on your furniture or mattress—some unfortunate cat owners might know what we’re talking about—you’ll need to call in a pet stain and odor professional to deep-clean the upholstery and lift out any residual liquid or odor. Our team utilizes a powerful enzyme treatment to neutralize the odors, and our professional-grade cleaning equipment allows us to restore your furniture to like-new.

For professional pet stain and odor removal services here in Scottsdale, North Phoenix, and the North Valley, call us here at ClearPro Window & Carpet Cleaning.