Why Get Professional Solar Panel Cleaning for Your Commercial Building?

With the continued advancements in sustainable energy, more and more commercial property owners have opted to install solar panels. That’s because they see the value in solar panels as a viable option for not only reducing energy costs, but for making a positive contribution to the environment.

However, did you know that the efficiency of solar panels can degrade over time, due to the accumulation of dust, grime, and other debris? This in turn, can significantly reduce the cost saving benefits from solar panel usage.

Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

As a leading, professional window cleaning company in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area, ClearPro understands the importance of keeping your solar panels clean to maximize their efficient production of energy while reducing energy costs.

Here are just a few excellent reasons why you should hire ClearPro to clean your Solar Panels:

Improves Efficiency

The fact is, when your solar panels are clean, they are able to more efficiently absorb sunlight, which can then be converted into usable electricity.

Dirty solar panel surfaces reduce the amount of sunlight that can reach the solar cells. Less sunlight reaching the solar cells means less converted, energy (electricity) for your commercial building to use.

Professionally cleaning your solar panels on a regular basis ensures that your solar panels can work at peak performance, thereby maximizing the amount of sunlight that can be absorbed through them.

Extends Lifespan

Over the months and years, your solar panel can accumulate dirt, bird waste and other debris, that can cause corrosion of your solar panels. This in turn, can result in irreversible damage to your solar panels, thus reducing it’s useful life and leading to costly repair and/or replacement of parts.

Protects Your Investment

Professional cleaning not only removes such harmful residues from your solar panels, it also helps to mitigate your long-term operational costs, thereby protecting your investment. The bottom line, professional solar panel cleaning is good for your bottom line.

Is It Time to Clean Your Panels?

When was the last time, you had your building’s solar panels professionally cleaned?

Can’t remember? Several years ago? Never?

If you answered yes, to any of the above, we highly recommend that you contact our solar panel and window cleaning team at ClearPro to get your solar panels cleaned on a regular schedule. In so doing, your solar panels should be operating at their peak capacity, thus maximizing the savings on your electricity bill while doing your part in creating a more sustainable future.