Dual Pane Window Leaks

The most common type of window used in residential and commercial construction today is called an Insulated Glass Unit or IG Unit.  An IG Unit consists of two pieces of glass bonded together on a frame with bedding sealant.  The main benefit of an IG unit compared to a single pane window is that the space between the two pieces of glass serves to act as insulation.  An inert gas such as Argon is  used to fill the dead air space between the two panes of glass.

Why does a Dual Pane Window Leak?

A dual pane leak occurs when the seal between the glass panes on an IG unit breaks for some reason causing the Argon gas to escape and allowing moist air to replace it.  Broken seals can be caused by a crack in one of the glass panes or failure of the bedding compound.  This image shows moisture in between the glass.

What Does A Dual Pane Window Leak Look Like?

This image shows a dual pane leak where the moisture inside the glass has evaporated leaving an opaque film on the interior surface.

Are Dual Pane Window Leaks Common in Arizona?

Dual pane leaks in the desert southwest are very common because of the high ambient temperatures and hours of hours of bright sunshine.  There is no effective way of repairing a dual pane leak requiring the IG unit to be replaced.  New homeowners should pay particular attention to the factory warranty on their windows.  Once the warranty has expired, the homeowner could be responsible for a very large repair bill.

Duel pane leak inspection is included at no charge with every ClearPro window cleaning.

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What You Need to Know about Window Cleaning Companies and Their Growing Use of “Independent Contractors”

Scheduling a business to come clean your windows is a no-brainer, right? How hard can it be? All you have to do is to go online, read a couple of reviews, and schedule an appointment.  However, savvy customers don’t stop there.  They put on their “detective hats” and pursue additional information to several very important decision criteria before finalizing their vendor choice.

What is an Independent Contractor?

This blog will define what an “independent contractor” is and will explain why local window cleaning businesses owners are staffing their companies with an increasingly larger number of “independent contractors” INSTEAD of hiring company employees.  We will explain how the use of “independent contractors” can increase the risk of an unsatisfactory window cleaning service as well as possible financial loss for the customer.  Finally, we will pass along some tips that will help you spot “independent contractors” posing as company employees.

A legitimate “independent contractor must pass the IRS Independent Contractor Test consisting of 11 main tests and organized into three main groups: behavioral control, financial control, and the type of relationship of the parties. In reality, very few if any of the window cleaner folks claiming to be “independent contractors” even begin to come close to passing all 11 tests.

Why are an increasingly growing number of window cleaning business owners choosing to use these “independent contractors” instead of hiring employees? The following is a list of some of the reasons:

  • There is a growing shortage of people in the workforce willing to performing manual labor jobs. This shortage has reduced the number of experienced window cleaners in the labor pool available to be hired and has driven up wages substantially.
  • “Independent contractors” are responsible to pay their own employment taxes saving the employer about 8% of total labor costs. In reality, many of these independent contractors are paid “cash on the side” and never receive Form 1099-NEC’s.
  • “Independent contractors” are expected to carry workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance saving the window cleaning business owner another 10 to 15% of total labor costs. However, ”Independent contractors” almost never carry these insurance policies because: A) Arizona law does not require that business owners carry worker’s comp insurance on themselves and; B) Many of these independent contractors are not charging enough for the services they provide to be to afford these required insurance policies.
  • Some business owners can’t afford to keep an employee on payroll year-round because of the extreme seasonality of the window cleaning business.
  • Some business owners can’t afford the cash outlay to add additional vehicles and their associated operating costs.” Independent contractors” are responsible for providing their own vehicles.

Reasons why consumers should very carefully consider whether or not to retain a window cleaning company that use “independent contractors”

  • “Independent contractors” are almost never covered by workers compensation insurance. Should one of these individuals be hurt on your property, you could easily find yourself defending an expensive lawsuit.
  • ‘’Independent contractors” almost never carry general liability insurance. Should one of these individuals damage your property, you will likely find yourself responsible to pay for their damage,
  • By definition, “independent contractors” do not have an employee employer relationship. Therefore, the business owner may not tell them how to do their job or when to do their job nor may the owner provide training.

A few tips to help you spot “independent contractors” posing as company employees

  • Have a general conversation with the business owner covering general business practices such as the use of “independent contractors”.
  • Ask the window cleaning company to provide proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance coverage and general liability coverage before allowing its workers on your property,
  • Does the window cleaner arrive at your property driving a company truck with signage on it?
  • Is the window cleaner wearing a company uniform?


Hopefully, you now know the what a window cleaning subcontractor is.  You understand why more and more window cleaning companies are using subcontractors. You have become aware of the potential liabilities of allowing subcontractors on your property. Lastly, you have gained some insight as to the types of questions to ask window cleaning business owners before hiring them to service your property.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the use of independent contractors in the window cleaning industry, call ClearPro, the Scottsdale window cleaning experts at 480-459-5644.

Why schedule regular window cleanings for your home?

There are many reasons why you should have your home’s windows cleaned on a regular basis. If you are like the vast majority of homeowners in the Valley of the Sun, your decision comes down to addressing one of four motivations.

  • The most common reason homeowners get their windows cleaned is that they have out of town guests coming to visit and they want them to enjoy the beautiful desert vistas surrounding their home.
  • A second reason that homeowners clean their windows is that they are listing their home for sale on the MLS. Their realtor probably had placed it on the “To Do” list right along with eliminate clutter and freshen up the paint. History has shown that fresh cleaned windows help houses sell faster and at a higher price.
  • A third reason that homeowners clean their windows is in preparation to celebrate important family holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.
  • A fourth reason that homeowners clean their windows is that it is part of their annual spring cleaning project. Some owners prefer to clean their windows in September as soon as the summer monsoons are over.

As it turns out, there is another VERY important reason to keep a home’s window clean.

At the microscopic level, glass is actually a very porous material that exhibits “honeycomb” like patterns on the surface. Left uncleaned for extended periods of time, the pores in the honeycomb surface attract organic and inorganic contaminants which react chemically with the glass firmly bonding to its surface. Constant radiant energy from the sun and the high ambient temperatures found in our arid desert climate accelerate this natural corrosion process.

What does damaged glass look like?

New glass is bright and sparkling, easy to see through and easy to clean and keep clean. If not regularly cleaned, glass easily becomes stained and discolored, difficult to see through, difficult to clean and keep clean. The surface of the glass also possesses hydrophilic properties and is over time subjected to a corrosion process that will make the surface rougher and therefore it’s damage greater, in some cases irreversibly.

Want your windows and doors to look great and last a long time?

No problem! Just keep your interior and exterior glass clean. Professionally clean your exterior glass whenever dirt, organic residue, and/or hard water staining appears-typically every 6 to 12 months. Professionally clean interior glass at least once every 12 months.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the benefits of regularly scheduled window cleanings at your home, call ClearPro, the Scottsdale window cleaning experts at 480-459-5644. We will be glad to be of assistance.